Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd.

LLOYD Electric & Engineering Ltd.
159, Okhla Industrial Estate,
Phase - III, New Delhi -110020
Tel.: +91-11-40645454
Fax: +91-11-41615416
E-mail: info@lloydengg.com

advantage lloyd

  • We at Lloyd Electric and Engineering Ltd. have always been dedicated to the high quality of all processes, from design to delivery.
  • To achieve the best possible result, we educate our employees continuously.
  • The carefully worked-out maintenance system ensures functionality and accuracy of the machinery. Our Burr-Oak fin presses, fin dies, expanders and hairpin benders represent a reliable and highly productive manufacturing base.
  • In operations and production, we always concentrate on Zero defects and the coils are 100% leak tested.
  • In the coils, the quality is in details:
    • Quality fine give high air side heat transfer.
    • Special tubes give high tube side heat transfer.
    • Different surface treatment methods help to protect against corrosion, condensing water problems etc.

Lloyd Electric and Engineering Ltd. design of headers and circuiting help to protect the coils against vibrations.

At LLOYD ELECTRIC we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on the continual improvement of already applied processes and on the implementation of new efficient solutions. The “continuous improvement mind set” is reflected in the company's daily life as well as in the long-term processes for example, engaging the principles of lean manufacturing.